7 BBQ Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank

The August Bank Holiday is almost here. With any luck there’s going to be lots of sun, and that means one thing – BBQ time!

But as we know all too well, BBQs can be really expensive. All that meat and a fair amount of alcohol can really rack up, and even a BYOB BBQ can still seem like quite a chore. No one likes to be the party pooper though, so we’ve got a guest post today from Craig who is the guy behind the camera at The Usual Saucepans, where he documents his on going foodie adventures; eating, drinking and baking his way through life.

Craig has taken a look around the internet to find a collection of easy to make BBQ recipes that won’t break the bank. We hope you like them!

1. Pulled Pork

Image 1

It’s very much en vogue right now with pulled pork popping up at every festival and farmers’ market across the country, but do you know how easy pulled pork is to make? Very. To prove it here’s a 3 ingredient recipe. You’re welcome.


2. Macaroni Salad

Image 2

Who said BBQs had to be all meat? If you want to save a bit of money and shake things up a bit (as well as helping out veggie friends) have some side dishes that can help fill people up and reduce the need for some of that expensive meat. This macaroni salad uses things that many of us will have in the cupboards and will reduce the amount of meat everyone will eat.


3. Honey Mustard Chicken

Image 3

There are very few people out there who don’t like food with a honey mustard glaze, so this recipe is likely to be a big crowd pleaser. If you want to make it even cheaper, use drumsticks or thighs (but remember not to compromise too much on the quality of the chicken or you’ll lose all the flavour).


4. Guacamole

Image 4

Bright and colourful, guacamole is a great addition to any BBQ. Either on top of a burger or eaten simply with a spoon! People tend to think of it as expensive, but there’s really no need for it to be that way. Avocados can be picked up pretty cheaply these days, just get them a few days before so you can ensure that they’re ripe in time!


5. BBQ Meatballs

Image 5

OK, so this is the UK – any BBQ is subject to our much-loved British weather. But no matter what the sky throws at you these meatballs will be a hit. Do them in the oven or on top of the BBQ, the choice is yours, cover in the sauce and you’ll have a hit on your hands.


6. Watermelon Salad

Image 6

A bit of a curveball, but if you’re bored of boring salads then go left field with this vibrant bowl of fun. A mix of red, white and green, it might raise a curious eyebrow, but provides something a bit different that won’t cost a fortune.


7. Burgers

Image 7

Finally we reach burgers – no BBQ list would be complete without them. If you think they are hard to make then please think again, this recipe only has 3 ingredients!


Veggie burgers are also a great option – not only can you not forget about any veggie friends that are coming over (no one wants to eat just side dishes!) but there’s no reason that everyone needs to have meat; you could have a totally meat-free BBQ if you feel like it!


A few further tips though before we leave you though that can reduce your bill further still:

  • If you see something reduced a few weeks before, buy it and freeze it! It won’t make it much cheaper, but it’ll help spread the load
  • Ask everyone coming to bring a dish, that way you’ll not have to pay for everyone
  • Need to buy a cheaper version of something, but don’t want people to know it’s the basics range? Put it in a bowl and ditch the wrappings, no one need ever know!
  • Whatever happens this August Bank Holiday, use some of these recipes and have a fantastic BBQ!